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Nanophotonic Materials and Devices

Plasmonic II
Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017  15:15-17:00
Presider: Yung-Chiang Lan;Tsung Sheng Kao
Room: International Research Building IR1003 (1F)
15:15 - 15:45 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-I001
Invited Speaker:
Hiroaki Misawa
Spectral and Temporal Evolution of Near Field on Coupled Plasmonic Nanostructures by Photoemission Electron Microscopy
Hiroaki Misawa

Exploring the near-field properties of coupled plasmonic nanostructures is crucial to understand plasmon coupling in them. Here, we probed the near field of several coupled plasmonic nanostructures using PEEM. We demonstrated Fano resonance in gold heptamer structures and revealed plasmon hybridization in gold dolmen structures both spectrally and spatially.

15:45 - 16:00 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-O001
JUI-TSE TANG Award Candidate The Band Alignment of Different 2D Materials: Vertical and Planar MoS2/WS2 Hetero-structures
JUI-TSE TANG;Kuan-Chao Chen;Chao-Hsin Wu;Shih-Yen Lin

Significant photoluminescence intensity quenching is observed after transferring a mono-layer MoS2 to multi-layer WS2 films, which indicates that a type-II band alignment is obtained for the MoS2/WS2 vertical hetero-structure. By pre-patterning the WS2 film before the transferring procedure, a planar hetero-structures with adjacent type-I MoS2 and type-II MoS2/WS2 is obtained.

16:00 - 16:15 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-O002
Tsung Lin Chung Award Candidate Planar anapole metamaterial
Tsung Lin Chung;Pei Ru Wu;Chun Yen Liao;Pin Chieh Wu;Yao-Wei Huang;Jia-Wern Chen;Din Ping Tsai

A plasmonic metamaterial with non-radiating anapole mode is presented. For the proof of concept, we demonstrate a transverse toroidal dipole and its destructive interference with electric dipole at optical frequencies

16:15 - 16:30 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-O003
Chang-Ruei Li Award Candidate Chiral selective plasmonic metamirrors
Chang-Ruei Li;Jhen-Hong Yang;Kuo-Ping Chen

A chiral plasmonic metasurface as the circular dichroism metamirror was demonstrated to achieve spectrally selective chirality in the visible wavelengths. The absorption and circular dichroism can respectively achieve 85 % and 64 % at 705 nm.

16:30 - 16:45 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-O004
Zhong Xing Zhou Award Candidate Silicon metasurfaces as narrow-band absorbers
Chi Yin Yang;Jhen Hong Yang;Zih Ying Yang;Zhong Xing Zhou;Kuo Ping Chen

Silicon nanostructures can optically induced electric dipole (ED) and magnetic dipole (MD), and offer opportunities for narrowband applications. Here we propose high absorptance device by using amorphous silicon nanoantenna arrays with suppress backward and forward scattering. Because the cancellation of scattering in far-field, the high absorptance device can be achieved.

16:45 - 17:00 Paper No.  2017-THU-S0102-O005
Han-Rong Ou Award Candidate Optical activity for Asymmetric U-shaped metasurface with circular coefficient analysis
Han-Rong Ou;Po-Yang Wu;Chun-Hung Lin

In this study, we use rigorous coupled-wave analysis to simulate the optical characteristic of asymmetric U-shaped metasurfaces, measure the transmission spectrum and analysis the Stoke's parameter. There is a giant optical response in near infrared region. With nanoimprint transfer fabrication, the asymmetric U-shaped gold metasurfaces can be fabricated simply, successfully.