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Nanophotonic Materials and Devices

Nano-optics II
Friday, Dec. 8, 2017  13:00-14:30
Presider: Tien-Chang Lu;Hsu-Cheng Hsu
Room: International Research Building IR1003 (1F)
13:00 - 13:15 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O001
Yue Cheng Evanescent Modes Extraction based on Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis for Dipole on a Nanorods Hyperbolic Slab
Yue Cheng;Cheng-Ting Liao;Ming-Chang Lee

When dipole locates very close to the metallic surface, enhanced spontaneous emission is exhibited and highest spatial components dominate the interaction. We simplify the nanorods hyperbolic metamaterials into an effective anisotropic slab and demonstrate enhanced farfield radiation for evanescent modes based on rigorous coupled wave analysis.

13:15 - 13:30 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O002
Zhi-Hong Xie The Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis for Three-Dimensional Helix Photonic Crystals
Zhi-Hong Xie;Yu-Chueh Hung

We analyze optical properties of 3D periodic helix structures by the rigorous coupled-wave method. The convergence is resolved by the differential method combined with the formulation of normal vector field. The results are compared with FDTD method, and the validity is discussed based on different order number and geometrical arrangements.

13:30 - 13:45 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O003
Hsien YI Hsieh Surface states in photonic merged lattices
Hsien YI Hsieh;Ray-Kuang Lee

We present an efficient method to find the band structure for merged lattice, which is obtained as a result of merging two lattices of scatters of the same space group, but with slightly different spatial resonances. Morever, surface states in merged lattice can be engineered easily to create topological states.

13:45 - 14:00 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O004
Chih-Wei Yin Miniaturized Stokes Polarimeter Based on Reflective Meta-surface
Chih-Wei Yin;Chih-Ming Wang

The meta-surface is a two-dimensional material, consisting of subwavelength nano-metal structures distributed in the interface. The wavefront amplitude, phase and polarization can be adjusted by changing the geometrical parameters of the metal structure. This paper will show the use of miniaturized meta-surface to convert incident polarized light into Stokes vectors.

14:00 - 14:15 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O005
Yu-Hsuan Lee Characterizations of Enhancement-mode GaN HEMTs with Various Field-Plate Designs
Yu-Hsuan Lee;Chun-Hsun Lee;Jian-Jang Huang

In this research, p-GaN gate double heterostructure HEMTs with various gate field plate lengths are fabricated and we investigate the influence of field plates on the current behavior of p-GaN gate HEMTs.We propose a Threshold Enhancement model to explain the current behavior in p-GaN HEMT with field plate structure.

14:15 - 14:30 Paper No.  2017-FRI-S0104-O006
Chia Wei Kao An optical spectrometer based on continuously-chirped guided mode resonance gratings
Chia Wei Kao;Tzu Chieh Kao;Jia Jin Lin;Yung Jr Hung

A guided-mode-resonance filter based on continuously-chirped gratings and gradient Ta2O5 waveguide film is realized to provide sharp transmission dips at the resonant wavelengths with a constant filter linewidth of 5.48 nm across the wavelength of 525 to 700 nm.