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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Poster Session I
Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017  12:30-14:00
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Room: International Research Building 5F
Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P001
Shao-Wei Wang Award Candidate A Bi-parameter Sensor Based on A Fiber Fabry-Pérot Interferometer Combined with A Fiber Bragg Grating
Shao-Wei Wang;Hsiang-Ting Peng;Hung-Ying Chang;Wen-Fung Liu;Chin-Ping Yu

A bi-parameter fiber sensor formed by sandwiching a 50-m HCF between a SMF and a FBG is proposed. The temperature and strain sensitivities of the HCF-based FPI dip and FBG peak can be successfully obtained. We have also constructed the sensitivity matrix for simultaneously sensing the temperature and strain.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P002
H.C Wu Award Candidate Athermal Ta2O5 Waveguide Filters and Resonators for Si Photonics
H.C Wu;Y. Y. Lu;A.K. Chu

Athermal Ta2O5 waveguide devices, including waveguide filters and resonators, were proposed for Si photonics. The filter temperature-dependent Bragg wavelength shifts of TE mode with the SOG and oxide claddings are -16.9pm/K and 7.4pm/K. Moreover, resonators with oxide cladding shift 8.2pm/K, which are 10 times better than conventional silicon waveguide devices.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P003
Chia-Jui Chang Award Candidate Manipulation of ultrahigh relaxation frequency on surface plasmon polariton lasers
Chia-Jui Chang;Tien Chang Lu;Yu-Shun Chou

Surface plasmon polariton nanolasers operating at near surface plasmonic frequency shows ultrahigh relaxation frequency over terahertz range due to the strong light matter interaction to boost the Purcell effect and spontaneous emission coupling factor.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P004
Shi-Yuan Lin Award Candidate Highly Sensitive Open-cavity Fabry-Pérot Refractive Index Sensor by Integrating Hollow-core Fiber and Polished Single-mode Fiber
Shi-Yuan Lin;Chin-Ping Yu

We present a refractive index sensor based on an open-cavity fiber Fabry-Pérot interferometer. The open cavity is fabricated by splicing a HCF between a polished SMF and a commercial SMF. A high refractive index sensing sensitivity of 1162.94 nm/RIU can be obtained.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P005
Chia-Wei Huang Award Candidate Narrowband silicon waveguide Bragg reflector enabled by precisely-controlled graphene oxide gratings
Chia-Wei Huang;Ya-Ching Liang;Jyun-Fu Shih;Tzu-Hsiang Yen;Jia-Jin Lin;Chun-Hu Chen;Yung-Jr Hung

We realize a low-loss (~5 dB/cm), high-extinction-ratio (> 27 dB), and narrowband (0.335 nm) GO/silicon hybrid waveguide Bragg reflectors by transferring thin GO gratings atop silicon strip waveguides. This device exhibits stable reflecting wavelength and controllable reflection bandwidth that can be well predicted by numerical simulations.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P006
Yuan-Chia Chang Award Candidate Utilizing Silicon-Photonic Micro-Ring-Resonator and Multiple-Ring Cavity for Stable and Switchable Erbium Fiber Laser with Single-Longitudinal-Mode
Yuan-Chia Chang;Yung Hsu;Chien-Hung Yeh;Chi-Wai Chow;Hao-Yun Cheng

We proposed a stable and wavelength-switchable erbium-doped-fiber (EDF) laser by utilizing the silicon-micro-ring-resonator (SMRR) and multiple-ring scheme. The wavelength can be tuned from 1544.35 to 1564.10 nm with a ~2.0 nm tuning step and reach the single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) output of 35 kHz linewidth, and optical-single-to-noise-ratios (OSNRs) of >54.9 dB.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P007
Chen-Ming Chung Award Candidate Displacement Sensor Based on Whispering Gallery Mode on a U-shaped Photonic Crystal Fiber
Chen-Ming Chung;Chin-Ping Yu

We propose a highly sensitive displacement sensor by using two translation stages to bend a PCF into U-shape. As the bending diameter decreased to 4.3mm, the WGM is induced, and a clear interference dip can be observed. By applying variant displacement, the measured displacement sensitivity is 179 pm/μm.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P008
Yung-Ju Huang Award Candidate The study of characteristics of the metal-insulator-metal defect nano-ring plasmonic waveguide structure
Yung-Ju Huang;Yaw-Dong Wu

In this paper, we study the characteristics of the Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) plasmonic defect nano-ring waveguide structure. The numerical results show that the resonant waveguide of the defect naon-ring has a linear relationship. The finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD) is employed in the simulations. This investigatory may assist researchers design in nano-photonic-IC.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P009
Chin-Yu Liu Award Candidate Ta2O5 based strip waveguide and its possible application on nonlinear waveguide
Chin-Yu Liu;Chung-Lun Wu;Ding-Shin Ou;Jen-Yang Huang;Yi-Jen Chiu;Min-Hsiung Shih;Ann-Kuo Chu;Chao-Kuei Lee

We have successfully fabricated Ta2O5 based strip waveguide with low insertion loss. The following steps are the key elements of realizing high quality Ta2O5 based strip waveguide. The insertion loss of Ta2O5 based strip waveguide is merely 11dB, and the propagation loss is less than 3.3dB/cm at wavelength of 1550nm.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P010
Wei-Tzu Hsu Award Candidate Design of Transmission Lines for 4-Channel × 25-Gbps Optical Interconnect Module Based on Optical Flexible Printed Circuit
Wei-Tzu Hsu;Che-Shuan Peng;Mount-Learn Wu

In this thesis, we evaluates and analyzes high frequency transmission lines on flexible printed circuit boards, including the singled-ended transmission line and differential transmission line of the return loss and insertion loss.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P011
Wei-Hsiang Huang Award Candidate Applying Neural Network in a DML-based OFDM Transmission System
Wei-Hsiang Huang;Chia-Chien Wei;Chun-Yen Chuang;Li-Chun Liu;Jyehong Chen

We apply a neural network (NN) as a nonlinear regression function to DML-based OFDM transmission system, and the capacity over 100-km transmission without dispersion compensation was increased by 110% to reach 35 Gbps.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P012
Wen-Huang Chen Award Candidate Simple Down-Conversion by Power Detector in a V-Band RoF System with Mitigation of Beating Interference
Wen-Huang Chen;Chun-Ting Lin;Che-Hao Li;Chi-Hsiang Lin;Chia-Chien Wei;Hou-Tzu Huang

Employing power detector for RF down-conversion, we demonstrate a 28.8-Gbps V-band OFDM RoF system. The gap between IF tone and OFDM signal is removed to achieve 31.1% improvement in data rate, and the beating interference is reduced to achieve 18.8% improvement in data rate by an SSBI mitigation scheme.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P013
Ruei-Jie Shiu Award Candidate 120 m Long Distance Camera Based Visible Light Communication
Ruei-Jie Shiu;Yen-Chun Liu;Hao-Yu Wang;Chi-Wai Chow;Chien-Hung Yeh

We demonstrate using different ISO values to achieve a long transmission distance complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) camera-based visible-light-communication (VLC). The under-sampled frequency-shift-on-off-keying (UFSOOK) modulation is used and bit-error rate (BER) is evaluated.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P0201-P014
Yu-Bo Jheng Award Candidate A high-speed 84 Gb/s PAM8 FSO link
Yu-Bo Jheng;Jen-Chieh Chang;Pei-Hsien Chew;Chung-Yi Li;Hai-Han Lu

A high-speed eight-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM8) free-space optical (FSO) link using an injection-locked distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode (LD) transmitter, an avalanche photodiode (APD) with a trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) receiver, and a linear equalizer at the receiver side is proposed and experimentally demonstrated.