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Solid State Lighting

Poster Session IV
Friday, Dec. 8, 2017  14:30-16:00
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Room: International Research Building 5F
Paper No.  2017-FRI-P0804-P001
Fan Bo-An Non-doped organic light-emitting diode with broadband emission
Fan Bo-An;Hou Liang-Ju;Leung Man-kit;Lin Chi-Feng;Chiu Tien-Lung;Lee Jiun-Haw

Organic light-emitting diode with broadband emission was demonstrated with a non-doped emitting layer. Electroluminescence covering 450 nm to 700 nm under different driving voltage was achieved.

Paper No.  2017-FRI-P0804-P002
Wei Hao Zeng The Photophysical Properties of Triazolopyridine Hybrids with Bipolar Carrier Transporting Capability for Organic Light-emitting Diodes
Wei Hao Zeng

The photophysical properties of newly developed triazolopyridine hybrids with bipolar carrier transporting capability have been studied. The spectrum overlap between the emission of trizolopyridine hybrids and the absorption of green-phosphorescent dopant Ir(PPy)3 is large enough for energy transfer. Therefore, the triazolopyridine hybrids would be useful as green-phosphorescent host materials.

Paper No.  2017-FRI-P0804-P003
Kun-Min Hsieh Optical Properties of Flexible Substrates for White Organic Light-emitting Diodes
Kun-Min Hsieh

Flexible poly substrates have been fabricated for white organic light-emitting diodes. The transmittance of the flexible PMMA substrates has also been studied in this work. The PMMA substrates show high transparency to visible light. Phosphor crystals will be blended into the PMMA substrates as the color-conversion substrates for WOLEDs.

Paper No.  2017-FRI-P0804-P004
You-Cheng Lin To Enhance Light Extracting of AlGaInP LED by Surface Texture Process
You-Cheng Lin;Ray Hua Horng

In this study, the light extraction of the red AlGaInP LED was enhanced due to the total reflection between light emitting p-GaP interface and air was reduced by surface texture process which was formed by dry/wet etching process, and light extraction efficiency was improved significantly by this process.