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Thin-Film Technology and Optical Engineering

Poster Session I
Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017  12:30-14:00
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Room: International Research Building 5F
Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P001
Tzu-De Liu Award Candidate Hydrogen contain of low mechanical loss amorphous silicon nitride films fabricated by PECVD
Hsin-Chieh Chen;Huang-Wei Pan;Ling-Chi Kuo;Shiuh Chao;Tzu-De Liu

In this study, five different compositions of silicon nitride films were fabricated by PECVD system. Since the precursors were silane and ammonia, it was expected that there existed hydrogen in the silicon nitride films. We obtained the hydrogen atomic density of our silicon nitride films by FTIR measurement.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P002
Shu-Ming Yang An Investigation of The SPR Fiber Sensor Based on Au/Ag Bimetallic Structure
Shu-Ming Yang;Dong -Ying Wu;Woo-Hu Tsai

We proposed a SPR fiber sensor with silver film to replace the traditional gold film structure, which can reduce the cost, improve the sensing sensitivity and increase the dynamic range of the measurement. We also demonstrated the bimetallic Au/Ag SPR sensor to improve the shortcomings of pure silver film sensing

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P003
Cheng Chuan Chen Sensitive Aqueous Mercuric Ions Detection Using Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance in Gold Nanoslit Arrays
Cheng Chuan Chen;Wan Shao Tsai;Shu Cheng Lo;Po Cheng Tsai;Pei Kuen Wei;Chia Fu Chou

Label-free detection of mercuric ions in aqueous solution using capped gold nanoslit arrays based sensors combined with an electrochemical surface plasmon resonance sensing technique is demonstrated. The capped gold nanoslit arrays show the selectivity of Hg2+ and the EC-SPR sensing method is effectively utilized to aqueous Hg2+ detection.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P004
Hung Yang Femtosecond Laser-colorized indium-tin-oxide films for blue light attenuating and image screening
Hung Yang;Ya-Hsin Tseng;Chih-Wei Luo

Laser-colorized indium-tin-oxide (ITO) films are fabricated using femtosecond laser annealing. By varying the laser fluences, nanostructures are generated on the surface of ITO films, which produces different colors. The nanostructures also significantly attenuates blue light so these materials are suited to eye protection and information security.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P005
Yan-Cheng Lai Investigations of Zn-Incorporated β-Ga2O3films grown by MOCVD on the optoelectronic properties of deepultraviolet light emitting diodes
Yan-Cheng Lai;Yu-Yuan Zeng;Qing-He Tien;Dong-Sing Wuu;Ray-Hua Horng

In this thesis The ZnGa2O4/ITO films were employed as an ohmic contact layer and a transparent conductive layer for the deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (DUV-LEDs) to improve optoelectronic characteristics of LEDs.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P006
Hsiu-Hsuan Wei Development of a-InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor with Organic Photosensitive Channel Passivation Technology
Hsiu-Hsuan Wei

The fabrication of a photosensitive organic passivation material on a-IGZO TFTs that greatly enhance its stability in ambient environment and improve its electrical characteristics. The organic passivation based on photosensitive polyimide fabricated using a simple solution process. Show that TFTs passivated by PSPI layer were stable greatly in ambient environment.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P007
Zong-Bao Ye The structure and composition of MoS2 thin film 1T / 2H were studied by Hyperspectral Image technique
Zong-Bao Ye;Hsiang-Chen Wang;Wei-Cheng Lo;Ming-Yen Lu

In this study, we apply CVD to grow few-layered MoS2 and apply chemically exfoliated MoS2 embedded chemically exfoliated MoS2 to change its phase. Hyperspectral imaging technique is then applied to identify the embedded MoS2 spectrum characteristic and build its spectrum database.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P008
Cheng-Wei Liu The Optical and Material Characteristic Study of MoS2/Cu2O Heterojunction Surface
Cheng-Wei Liu;Hsiang-Chen Wang;Yu-Hsin Weng;Ming-Yen Lu

In this study, the n-type MoS2 monolayer flakes are grown using CVD, and the p-type Cu2O thin film are grown using Electrochemical deposition method. After the preliminary process of the grown MoS2 flakes, the sample is then transferred onto Cu2O thin film to finish the p-n heterogeneous structure.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P009
Wei-Rong Su Carbon Nanotube Zinc Oxide Thorny-nanorods Array Enhance Electrical Property for Gas Sensor
Wei-Rong Su;Hsi-Chao Chen;Yang-Min Chen;Bo-Ren Su

Magnetron plasma sputtering was used to deposit the precursor of zinc oxide (ZnO) on Silicon substrate. Using hydrothermal method grew the ZnO nanorods array and then deposit nickel as the catalyst to synthesize the carbon-nanotubes (CNTs). The morphology of ZnO/CNTs nanocomposites was investigated by FESEM and Raman spectra.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P010
Syuan-Ying Lin A Triple-band Notch Filter design for Head-up Display System
Chien-Jen Tang;Syuan-Ying Lin;Po-Chun Huang;Shih-Hsin Ma

A triple-band notch filter coated on PET substrate applied to the HUD system that is also composed of a laser projector and a plane mirror. The contrast ratio of the filter coated on PET substrate applied to HUD system under daylight illumination was 3.3 times than uncoated PET substrate.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P011
Kohei Ono Fabrication of transparent conductive Ga-doped ZnO film with a spray pyrolysis method
Kohei Ono

ZnO films were fabricated by a spray pyrolysis method with different Ga-doping rations. The resistivity was significantly improved by thermal treatment at low temperature. The average transmittance in visible right region was above 80% in all the samples. The minimum resistivity was 7.35 Ω • mm in annealed sample.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P012
Assamen Ayalew Application of an Integrated Anode Layer Ion Source Ion Beam Sputter Module for the deposition of Silver and Copper Oxide Thin Films
Assamen Ayalew;Ching-Hsiu Chen;Liang-chiun Chao

An integrated ion beam sputter deposition module has been designed and tested. Silver and copper oxides were deposited utilizing this module. Experimental results show that single phase CuO and Cu2O can be achieved, while the band gap of silver oxide can also be controlled by controlling deposition parameters.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P013
Huang Yuan-Chiu Preparation and characterization of low cost α-Fe2O3 for visible-active photocatalyst
Huang Yuan-Chiu;Wang Chih-Ming

α-Fe2O3 is the main component of the warm package, its content is sufficient, in the aqueous solution is very stable, non-toxic, low cost, energy gap compared to other oxides have advantages (visible absorption band) and so on is quite worthy of development as photocatalyst.

Paper No.  2017-THU-P1001-P014
Jhih-Jyun Jhan Laser Micromachining Applied on the Micro Liquid Switch Fabricated by CMOS-MEMS Common Process during Post Process
Chien-Chung Tsai;Jhih-Jyun Jhan;Hao-Chuan Lu;Ying-Hsien Sung

Laser micromachining is applied to the removal of the passivation layer has reached the ratio as high as 83% that is the ratio of the area of ablation zone to the area of laser aperture.